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Is your life inspired?

Or does it seem like there’s no time to stop and enjoy life?

Increase your well-being the gentle and inspired way with Dr Sthenics New Beginning Yoga and Meditation Journey. This comprehensive program focuses on Hatha Yoga, a gentler approach to the calming and aligning yoga positions.


Hatha Yoga has long been practiced as a method of attaining union of mind, body, and spirit. The name is derived from “ha” meaning sun, and “tha” meaning moon. The asanas or posture included are designed to increase flexibility and strength while energizing the body and calming the mind.





Contrary to other posture series, Hatha Yoga is slower paced and gentler while still providing the effects that practitioners of yoga seek. This comprehensive yoga workout regimen increases range of motion, calms the mind, and energizes the body – all through gradual motions.



Perfect for beginners and advanced yoga practitioners alike, Dr Sthenics New Beginning Yoga and Meditation Journey  stretches the body slowly and deeply with basic yoga poses such as Mountain Plank, and Cobra as well as simple bends and twists.

This relaxing program is the perfect start to a busy day, and the calming effects that it produces in the morning can last well into the evening.



Included is the Dr Sthenics beginners’ guide to hatha yoga tutorial video Here the gentle positions designed to align mind, body, and spirit are covered in detail. This instructional video is available for download or as a physical DVD. As a bonus you will also receive the Dr Sthenics Beginners Guide to Yoga eBook. Which is also included – absolutely free?


This program has helped so many people, that for a limited time it is available for a discounted rate to get started. Now, the Dr Sthenics New Beginning Yoga and Meditation Journey complete package is available with additional comprehensive bonuses.


To enhance the yoga experience, and to get the most out of the Dr Sthenics Yoga program, we have  also included in this limited time offer 2 informative eBook’s on the benefits of Yoga and Meditation.

Plus 4 soothing downloadable audio meditations mp3’s so you can take the relaxing benefits of Yoga and Meditation wherever you go.



Altogether, the Dr Sthenics Home Fitness Workout complete package includes:

• The informative Dr Sthenics Hatha Yoga for Beginners video with mobile optimization
• The comprehensive Dr Sthenics Beginners Guide to Yoga eBook
• Two eBook’s on the benefits of Yoga and Meditation.
• Plus 4 soothing downloadable audio meditations mp3’s so you can take the relaxing benefits of Yoga an Meditation wherever you go.



Purchased individually, each of these items would cost over $100 . That’s a savings of $40

Your purchase is the first step toward the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of Hatha Yoga. Decrease stress, increase flexibility and strength, and view the world through new, inspired eyes, with Dr Sthenics New Beginning Yoga and Meditation Journey.

Having a healthy lifestyle means more than just performing yoga positions. It takes an alignment of all of the factors within your life. From your diet to your daily routine, true well-being comes from balance, and making the right choices.



How do I access the materials?
You will gain instant access to a members only portal where you can download the video and other materials. Please note that an internet connection is required to download the videos.

What are the system requirements to access the materials?
A stable internet connection with a minimum speed of 768 kb/second is necessary to download video & MP3 content from the site. In order to access the .pdf materials, you must have a program capable of reading the documents. (ie. Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Are the video's available on DVD?
Not at this time.  This program is only available online as a membership site

What if I don't receive my registration or log in information?
Check your Spam folder. Sometimes it accidentally gets sent there.

It’s difficult for me to do normal everyday activities, will I really be able to practice?
Yes! You get to take things at your own pace and take breaks. It’s okay to simply sit in stillness or lay in savasana as long as you need. It’s wonderful to have permission to just be still.

Will I lose weight by doing this course?
I have no idea. That is not what this course is about. We are working towards functional movement of the body and getting at deeper internal healing both physically and emotionally.

Do I need to be flexible to take these classes?
No. You will most likely gain flexibility with consistent practice but it’s not a requirement. If a posture isn’t accessible for you do only what feels right or take a break until we move on to the next posture.

I do a power yoga class regularly, should I take your course?
If you are looking to expand or deepen your yoga scope in new ways, or if it seems like power may be too much for your body at this time, then of course.

What activity level do I need to have?
You need to be able to sit on the floor and do some standing, although you can use the wall or chair for support.

How often should I practice?
Try to practice at least twice a week in the beginning to ease your body into your preferred routine

What type of music is on during the videos?
The videos don’t have music this way you can choose what you want to listen to. Music can either get you into a deeper relaxation and release, or it can be distracting.

How long are the Audio meditation MP3?
Each file contains 4 meditations 3 minutes long equaling 12 minute each.

Do I need any props?
You do not need to purchase anything extra. We use things you can find at home like blankets, a wall and a chair. If you have props and are confident in using them you are welcome to.

What if I don't receive my log in information or password?
Check your Spam or Junk folder.  Sometimes it accidentally gets sent there.

I have additional questions and/or I need tech support
Contact us here! we will respond to your email within 48 hours.

GUARANTEE: What if I am not satisfied?
Dr Sthenics New Beginning Yoga and Meditation Journey has a 60 day money back guarantee!

Contact us at


As with all exercise programs, when using our video, you need to please use common sense. To reduce and avoid injury, you will want to check with your doctor before beginning any fitness program. By performing any exercises, you are performing them at your own risk. Dr Sthenics or New Beginning Yoga and Meditation Journey., will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of our program, online videos, or information shared on our website. This includes emails, videos and text. The information provided is not intended to replace medical advice offered by a physician, or other licensed health care provider. Thanks for your understanding.
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