History of Vitamins

History of  Vitamins

History of Vitamins

History of  Vitamins


Vitamins and nutritional supplements have been around for some time. They represent a multi-billion dollar business for each year, and each year the business simply gets bigger. Their success is due in part to the fact that people have been constantly searching for ways to get themselves more healthy and more in control of their lives for some time. Many people all over the world now rely on vitamin and nutritional supplements taken daily to get the vitamins and minerals that they need to get in their lives.


Even though people have turned to vitamins and mineral supplements for a long time, they have become more and more popular since 1994, which is when Congress voted to change the Food and Drug Administrations regulations of nutritional supplements. Since then, the industry has boomed, meaning that every mall and store in America has vitamins and minerals pretty much at anyone’s disposal. People all over are looking towards self-medicating with vitamins and minerals to be healthy. The good thing about it is that they are trying to be healthy. Some problems might arise when people realize that they don’t know a lot about vitamins and minerals, and without a doctor to prescribe them, it might not be as easy to be healthy as they at first thought.



When taken correctly, and when taken by the right people at the right time in their lives, there can be a lot of benefit to vitamins and minerals being taken as supplements. As long as people don’t overdo it, there is really no harm in taking the vitamins that are needed for good body growth and for good cell growth.


However, even today there are arguments within the medical community about whether vitamin supplements are really important and whether people should be taking them for their health. The fact of the matter is that they contain things that are good for our bodies, but these things might be already coming from somewhere, so having too much of them might actually be harmful. This is where the speculations lie about whether they are good for you.


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Get Advice

In order to really know if vitamin and mineral supplements are going to help your family, you should check with your local doctor. He or she will be able to give you the information that you need to make educated conclusions about the usefulness of vitamins and minerals for you.


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